Reasons why you should choose manual reel mowers

Lawn mowing is part and parcel of almost every home across the world, but it depends on what you are using to mow your compound. A good lawn mower should be efficient and user friendly, other aspects you need to consider when choosing such tools include; durability, efficiency, ease of use, price and parts availability. It implies that whichever tool you are choosing for lawn mowing is vital, if you do a poor choosing then your work will be in trouble. This chapter is worth reading if you are keen on the right tools to use in lawn mowing.

What is reel mower?

Manual reel mowers are lawn mowing tools that are manual; they are popular all over the world since you can operate them with ease anytime anywhere. They are also known by a number of names as; Manual mowers, Push lawn mowers, hand mowers, People powered mowers. You can use any combination of those names to refer to the same mower. The main feature of manual reel mowers is their ease of use, just by pushing it through your lawn; you are assured that your lawn is mowed clean.

Cylinder mowers:

It’s known as cylinder mower in most parts of United Kingdom, this is due to the fact that it comes in a cylinder-shaped design. The description perfectly fits this type of lawn mower since they are having that shape of bodies; the cylinder has the blades that are vital in mowing. The cylindrical shaped blade is attached between its wheels, and its handle projects right at the center.

How does it work?

Reel mowers works in a very easy way, all you are suppose to do is push it on the ground surface you want maw. Its blades turn around like a paddle-boat when you are pushing it against grown grass, as the wheels turns so are its blades. The motion keeps on as you continue pushing it, then every long grown grass is snipped and cut by its paddling blades. But the spinning stops immediately the wheels halt that is its safety measure as opposed to rotary lawn mowers. You are safer using them for mowing with this safety measure.

Why should you buy a reel mower?

There are a number of reasons that might make reel mower your ideal choice in lawn mowing;

  1. a) Mechanically simple:

Reel mowers are easy to use, you don’t have to struggle with it at anytime, there is no battery to change. You don’t have to pull the nozzle in order to start it, no cleaning of sparks plugs, or any complicated mechanical repairs and services. They are ever ready at anytime not unless when it’s so old then you may consider buying another one. Manual reel mowers doesn’t have engine or fuel tank to fill before you use it, they have just some sets of gears that are changed to suit the level of grass you are cutting.

Safer to use:

It is safer to use especially near your pets, children or animals, it operates at a manageable speed as compared to other engine driven machines. There is no danger of you hitting people with high speed rocks, shrapnel or other objects. It’s safer to work with it near children and for your own safety too.

They are quite:

Reel mowers are noiseless when you are using them to mow; they are human friendly since they don’t exhibit any noise when at work. That is a great advantage especially when you are using it very early or later when people are asleep, they come in handy to control any noise that may disturb your neighbors or your family members.

Environment friendly:

They don’t emit gases like in the case of other engine drive lawn mowers; their manual manner of operation makes them to be environment friendly. They are pollution free hence ideal for your surrounding and health of the people who are nearby, a small lawn mower that is driven by gasoline can cause a huge pollution to the environment in an hour, and this is compared to a pollution caused by driving a Sedan car for 200hours.

Health safety:

As compared to other types of lawn mowers that are hazardous to your health, these types don’t cause irritation, pollution and dangerous fumes. Such dangerous fumes and pollution are a health hazard, manual lawn mowers are considered to be safe to use for health purposes.

Reel lawn mowers are easy to use and operate, they have several benefits owing to their non complex nature as compared to fuel driven machines. Though they require you to exert your own strength to push, but they are a wise choice for lawn mowing. More info